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We’re hiring!

Working with The Commons will provide you with the customer service experience and technical skills necessary to give you an edge in your post-grad job hunt.  Tech savvy not required, but motivation and creativity are. » Read more

Tentacles of Blue PLA

Here’s an object that a Makerspace client printed yesterday! What’s neat is that about this object is that you can 3d print movable joints!

Blue Kraken

Hatcher Commons Academic Tutoring

Did you know that you can access free academic tutoring in Hatcher House Commons? This service is available to all students, not just those who live in residence! Find their schedule here.


Don’t forget: we have first-year Math assistance available in the Tutorium weekdays from 9AM-1PM, too!


MUN Archaeology Grad Students in the Makerspace

A group of MUN Archaeology students were in the Makerspace learning CAD (computer assisted design) and doing some 3d printing. The group approached the Makerspace as they are interested in exploring the use of 3d printers within their profession. This is a free workshop that The Commons is providing which includes a small 3d printed artifact for each participant which they will have designed themselves.

students sitting and learning in the makerspace

Free Arduino Synthesizer Workshop

Come down to the Makerspace for a FREE two day workshop on Wednesday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 28th from 5pm – 7pm!

Learn how to make a synthesizer using a tiny computer called an Arduino! Turn the knobs to change the sound of the synthesizer, and listen to it using any pair of headphones or speakers! At the end, you will be able to take the synthesizer home.

Click here to sign up

Experience Needed: None

Difficulty: Easy

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