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Smartphone Gimbal

We’ve started working on building a gimbal for use with smartphones for a workshop that we’re doing with an english course in the film and stage program in the fine arts faculty. Stay tuned for the finished product pics and actually footage of it in action!

Makerspace Renovations

Renovations on the future home of the Makerspace are tentatively scheduled to start in early March 2017. The space is located where Copy Services on the main floor of the QEII Library used to reside.

Improve Your Old Buddy STU!

Memorial’s Wireless Student Network Survey (aka Stu): We need your feedback. This survey will help us determine student’s satisfaction level, usage and future needs of Memorial’s wireless network on the St.John’s campus. The results from the survey will be used to make future improvements to the network.

2014/15 Student Technology Satisfaction Survey

This survey is being conducted to determine students’ level of satisfaction regarding the on-campus services offered by Computing and Communications (C&C). The results from this survey will be used to improve these services and learn about potential new technology that can be offered in order to improve student satisfaction.

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