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Assistive Technology

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The Commons offers a variety of assistive technology software, hardware, and support services aimed at assisting Memorial students in achieving their full academic potential.

We have four designated AT stations. These are located in the Assistive Technology Room (L-2001), the Digital Media Centre, and the Commons Classroom. We also offer one-on-one tutorials with our peer Assistive Technology tutors.

A TTY payphone is located in the porch area of the QEII Library.

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The Commons offers one-on-one assistive technology tutorials. During a tutorial, our Assistive Technology tutor will provide you with an overview of the software and hardware you are interested in learning about.

You can book a tutorial by visiting the Computing Support Desk or calling 864-6159.

If you have used our tutoring services, please tell us about your experience by completing our Tutoring Feedback Form.


We currently have four designated AT stations:

  • Digital Media Centre – the “DMC” is located in the back of The Commons. This station includes a height-adjustable desk and a scanner. Please ask a DMC staff member if you require assistance with scanning.
  • The Commons Classroom – we have two AT stations in the computer classroom located off The Commons. The station at the back of the room includes a height-adjustable desk.


If you would like to purchase any of these programs, or require a price quote, please contact Memorial University’s IT Procurement Office.

Software Description
Kurzweil 3000 Text-to-speech program that
also provides study skills
supports. “Reads” documents
to user, and allows user to add
notes to documents. Users can
create audio files of their “read”
text. Can read the Internet and
scanned text *Note that Kurzweil is available
on ALL LabNet computers, to a
maximum of 5 users
Read and Write Gold Text-to-speech program that can be
used with a variety of applications.
Users can highlight their notes, and
create audio files of their “read” text
Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech recognition software that
converts users’ speech into written
JAWS Screen reader, developed for users
whose vision loss prevents them
from seeing screen content or
navigating with a mouse
ZoomText Magnification software for users with
low vision. Also includes a
screen reader function that can read
as you type
Inspiration Brainstorming software that allows
users to organize ideas into mind
maps, outlines, and presentations.
Finished work can be exported as
PDFs, Word and PowerPoint files,
HTML, and image files


The Commons offers a variety of assistive technology hardware items to make computing more accessible and comfortable. The following is a list of technology we currently provide.

If you are accustomed to a type of equipment or technology that we do not provide, or if you know of useful alternatives, please let our AT staff know by emailing

Hardware Description Location
Acrobat X/Y Table Rolling tray allows user to position
their documents as needed
– AT Room
CCTV Closed circuit television enlarges printed
text and displays it on screen; text can be
magnified and colour can be manipulated
– AT Room
Bar magnifier Handheld magnifier/ruler that magnifies text up to 2X.
Bright yellow guiding line helps you keep your place while
 – AT Room
Electric height-adjustable desks Allows user to customize height of the
desk with the push of a button
– AT Room
– Digital Media Centre
– Commons Classroom
Ergonomic chairs – AT Room
– Digital Media Centre
Vertical mouse Ergonomic mouse allows user to keep
their hand in a neutral position; reduces
strain on wrist and hand (this mouse is
designed for the right hand)
– AT Room
Headsets – AT Room
– Digital Media Centre
Large print keyboard Enlarged key labels allow users with vision
impairments to see keyboard more easily
– AT Room
Large print keyboard with Braille
Key labels include braille labels – AT Room
Half keyboard Allows for one-handed typing; has
functionality of full keyboard
 – AT Room
Scanners – AT Room
– Digital Media Centre
Trackball mouse User moves oversized track ball, rather
than mouse itself; designed for users with
limited mobility in their hands
– AT Room
Webcam  – AT Room
Whiteboard – AT Room


The Commons has a variety of hardware items available for loan from the Digital Media Centre (2nd floor, QEII Library, at the back of the Commons). Please note that these items are only available for loan during the DMC’s hours of operation.

If you would like to learn more about using these items, you can book a tutorial with our Assistive Technology tutors.

Item Description
Echo Livescribe Smartpen

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

Livescribe aegir Smartpen

Records audio as you write; allows you to upload written notes to your computer
NOTE: this item can be taken out for up to 7 days
iPad We currently have two iPads that include a variety of installed apps
NOTE: these items can be taken out for up to 7 days
Smartview Versa Handheld digital magnifier
Pebble HD Magnifier Handheld digital magnifier with multiple colour display modes. Multi-purpose handle allows
usage in various positions
Adonit Jot-Script Stylus Desgined to feel like a pen; allows for easy sketching and notetaking on mobile devices
Olympus digital recorder Basic, handheld audio recorder. Allows you to record audio notes wherever you go
C-Pen Reader Pen Handheld scanner than reads text aloud. Lets you upload scanned text to your computer.
Includes a dictionary and voice recorder.
IRIScan Book 5 Wand Scanner Portable scanner that scans books, magazines, and other documents. Combine multiple scanned pages into a single PDF. Allows you
to upload scanned documents directly to your computer.

Inexpensive AT

There is a wide variety of free and inexpensive AT software available for Windows, Mac, and mobile operating systems.

Click here for a list of useful Windows & Mac freeware.

Click here for a list of Google Chrome extensions.

Click here for a list of useful iOS (Apple) apps.

Click here for a list of useful Android apps.

Alternate Format

Information on the alternate format request process is available on the library’s website.

Once you submit the request form, a librarian will follow up with you in 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind that the turnaround time for obtaining alternate formats varies, and that it can take a number of weeks to provide a file, is one is available.

Blundon Centre

The Blundon Centre is Memorial University’s support centre for students with disabilities. It services current and prospective students with disabilities affecting their mobility, vision, learning, and mental health. It also assists students with temporary illnesses or injuries.

Students do not need to be affiliated with the Blundon Centre in order to access any of The Commons’ assistive technology services and resources. A student should not have to disclose an affiliation to any QEII Library or Commons staff member.

Questions regarding financial support and alternate format requests can be forwarded to the Blundon Centre:

Contact Us

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, or if you wish to book an appointment with an AT tutor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Email:
  • Call: 864-6159 (Computing Support Desk)
  • Call: 864-3170 (AT Coordinator)
  • Visit the Computing Support Desk in The Commons, second floor, QEII Library