Today in the Commons Classroom

April 16, 2014
11:00-12:00 staff meeting
1:00-2:00 staff meeting 
The classroom is available for general use at all other times however there may be high noise levels at times due to maintenance work. Ear plugs are available at the computing support desk.
The classroom, when available, is a silent area computer lab in  the library.

We Are Hiring!

Are you a customer service oriented person with an interest in technology? Are you able to figure out technical problems with a little bit of determination and some googling? Is photoshopping your friend’s head on Beyonce’s body something that you … Continue reading

Personal and professional development training from

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Create Your Own Labnet Account

You can now create your own Labnet account without any assistance from our staff! Just follow the link below. You must be a Memorial student, staff or faculty for it to work.

DMC Tutoring

Always wanted to learn photoshop? Need help with your video assignment? Want to hone your audio-editing skills? Our DMC Tutors are here! Book a lesson with us at the computing help desk.

Need to access your Labnet files from home?


Assistive Technology (AT) covers a wide variety of topics. As it relates to computers, AT is hardware and software that can help people with disabilities access information on computers or in Books. For example, a person may have trouble seeing the font on a computer screen. Assistive Technology could help this person by reading the screen out loud, magnifying the screen or changing the font to meet their needs.

If you are viewing this page with a screen reader or magnifier, you may wish to use the text-based version of our web pages, found here.

Picture of the DMC
The Digital Media Centre is a resource to facilitate development of the desktop computing abilities of our customers – faculty, staff and students. We believe that technology should be an empowering tool for teaching and learning.
The primary focus of the DMC is multimedia. We make every effort to keep current with new technologies and provide access to specialized software or devices for members of the university.